A Story As Rich As Our Landscape

The story of Wind River CBD began with a dream to provide the highest quality CBD oils and CBD infused products this industry has seen. Wind River CBD Oils aren’t a chemical concoction or supplement manufactured in a laboratory.  We’re proud of the fact that our products are self sustaining and embody the spirit of our landscape.


Founded in March 2019, Wind River CBD is supported by over 30 retailers in the Wyoming area.  We’re a Wyoming based company with roots as rich as the landscape of the Wind River Mountains. Nestled at the base of the Wind River Range where the spirit of freedom runs wild, our vision of the future shines bright and clear.  Our hope is to begin planting crops early next spring that will be grown and cultivated from the soils of Wyoming. Our operations will be self-sufficient, with water sourced from Fremont Lake and tended to by the hands of local farmers who are every bit as passionate about the products we produce.  We take pride in what we do and know that the hard-working citizens of Wyoming believe in Wind River CBD. 

After a long day of work, you can count on Wind River CBD to deliver positive effects, not a high. And customers can rest assured that our product line is all natural, organic and comes with a certificate of analysis to ensure the highest quality CBD  is being delivered with each and every batch.  Wind River CBD Oils work! Plain and simple, they’re as gritty as Wyoming.

House Bill 171 (HB 171)

Our mission to provide a high-quality CBD Oil became evident with House Bill 171 and our push for the legalization of Cannabidiols, also known as CBD.  HB 171 removed hemp and hemp products from the regulation of the Wyoming Substances Act. This allows industrialized hemp, grown under the Farm Bill of 2018, to stand on its own as an agricultural commodity rather than a controlled substance.  Wyoming plans to issue grow regulations in late 2019.

Certificate Of Analysis (COA) | The Wind River Difference

Wind River CBD receives a Certificate of Analysis (COA) on every one of our products.  The COA is provided via an accredited laboratory to display exactly what is contained in your batch of Wind River CBD.  The COA will outline cannabinoids, potency and purity of your CBD Batch. You can rest assured that Wind River CBD products are of the highest quality and reputation because of our strict dedication to quality control.

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